Combining prudent legal skills and decisive advocacy with grassroots engagement and know-how. We don’t simply represent you – CT Compliance and Law partners with you to truly understand and achieve your goals.

At CT Compliance and Law Services, our clients are not just our clients – they are people, organizations and causes that we believe in and zealously advocate for.

The following are some of the areas in which Arnold practices:

Political Law – Campaign Finance & Election Law – Comprehensive campaign finance and election law practice, representing federal, state and local candidates and political committees (PACs, party committees and “super-PACs”).  Help guide activities, monitor receipts and expenditures, and all activities the candidate/committee engages in to ensure legal compliance.  This area is supplemented with a full compliance practice including account reconciliation and regulatory reporting with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and/or State or municipal regulatory bodies.

Business Law – Formation and structuring, complex commercial contracts, leases, operating policies (e.g. employee manuals, etc.), vendor and consultant negotiations, etc.

Non-Profit Law – Arnold works with charitable and progressive non-profit organizations from formation to dissolution.  He helps guide day-to-day activities to protect tax exempt status and/or effectively engage in lobbying or political activities when permitted and/or as desired.  There are many types of not for profit (or tax exempt) organizations – we help you pinpoint what type is most beneficial for what your goals are, formally establish your organization, and guide your activities accordingly.

Wills and Other Testamentary DocumentsArnold works collaboratively with clients to ensure their true wishes are carried out, loved ones are taken care of, and proper disposition of property/assets occurs.